Our carbon manifesto

The UK‘s building industry is responsible for a significant portion of the country‘s carbon footprint. We want to help change that; We‘re involved in a number of carbon reduction and offsetting projects worldwide.

The building industry is currently responsible for 25% of total UK greenhouse gas emissions (buildings and infrastructure). If surface transport (vehicle emissions) is included within that scope, the total share of UK emissions increases to 42%.

  • 25%
    Buildings & infrastructure
  • 17%
    Vehicle emissions

We’re proud to support several projects worldwide

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We work with Ecologi to offset a portion of our monthly carbon footprint

Our contributions to Ecologi help fund tree planting, clean energy and restoration projects worldwide.

  • -
    months climate positive
  • -
    tonnes of CO2 offset this year
  • -
    trees planted
A collection of sapling trees in hessian sacks ready to be planted
Planting forest gardens in Uganda
A view upwards towards the canopy of some fruit-bearing trees in a rainforest
Preserving Amazonian rainforest in Brazil
Great Green Wall

We donate quarterly towards the Great Green Wall project

We regularly donate to Africa’s Great Green Wall project. The project aims to grow an 8000km wide band of greenland across the width of the continent, bringing biodiversity back to once of the areas of the planet hit hardest by climate change.

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An overhead perspective of the ongoing Great Green Wall project, showing the border between the re-forested area and the desert.
Growing a new world wonder across the entire width of Africa.
Carbon footprint standard

We’re internationally recognised for demonstrating low carbon standards.

Luxury Constructions are recognised as meeting the Carbon Footprint Standard, meaning we’ve been assessed on our methods for carbon reduction and carbon neutrality.

  • -
    months climate positive
  • -
    trees planted
Volunteers for the Pacajai Red restoration project sat on a fallen tree
An engineer looking out over a section of the Indonesia Geothermal plant
A section of pipeline carrying natural gas for the Bantar Gebang Landfill Gas project
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