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A complex and testing project, constructing five modern flats on Cheltenham High Street.

The original property was a dilapidated and unsafe TV repairs shop.

We were working within a built up area, considering accesses for surrounding businesses and working within the confines of the plot boundaries.

It involved, significant controlled demolition (only two partial walls remained from the original property), basement infill, backfilling of a well, underpinning works, structural strapping and an extensive structural scheme, cranked roof beams installed with the use of a crane, an three storey extension 100% the footprint of the existing building, re-building masonry elevations in preparation for new roof structures and covering, all internal timber and masonry partitions, drainage scheme, electric and gas scheme throughout, new internet installation, new water main ducting and installations, new structural floors throughout, new doors and windows throughout, acoustic and fire proofing, boarding and plastering all surfaces internally, external rendering scheme, rainwater and drainage scheme, extensive interior and exterior decorations, new kitchens and bathrooms throughout, carpentry fixtures and fittings throughout, exterior bike and bin stores, lamp post relocation, reinstatement of pavements and exterior landscaping.

Our most challenging project to date - having overcome so many issues in due course of the works, we gained some very valuable experience as a business and for our management.

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